Core values

Our Core Values

Quality, Safety & Environmental Care

Quality, safety and environmental care constitute the core values of Volvo Penta. We share this commitment with the entire Volvo brand, and these values are at the center of what we do. Combined, they represent integral elements for our organization, products and the way we work. Volvo Penta core values drive the development of new product offerings, but just as much the way in which we serve our customers and the greater community around us.

Providing our customers with the best possible products can never be enough. Developing solutions based on quality in every aspect, safety for the user and care for our environment is equally as important. Solutions that benefit our entire society, aimed at a better tomorrow.

Peter Hertinge, Senior Vice President, Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta Quality


Quality reflects our promise to deliver reliable products and services. Our quality commitment extends beyond industrial craftsmanship and engineering skill. This is why we continuously work to develop our entire offer to add value to our customers. Excellence in quality is achieved by continuously improving our processes, products and services based on our customers’ requirements. In all aspects of our business, from product development and manufacturing to delivery and customer support, the focus is on the customers’ needs and expectations.

Volvo Penta Safety


Safety is historically an integrated part of all Volvo products, processes and services – ensuring that our products fulfill the highest possible functional and operational standards in whatever context they operate – which means safety both on land and at sea. For most Volvo Penta engine applications, the concept of safety is related to durability and reliability. This translates into engines that does not suffer failures?when cruising at sea or in the midst of a vital operation. And it means a stand-by genset?that you can depend on in an emergency situation. Other important issues are our design considerations when it comes to protecting the operator or user. In every detail, in every part of what we are and what we do, the safety of our products and our customers is paramount.?

Environmental Care

Environmental Care

As we move toward sustainability, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our solutions. We do this by proactive environmental programs covering the entire company, from product development and production all the way to sales and service departments. Fuel efficiency and emissions reduction have an essential role through the implementation of cutting-edge technology. In addition, we secured ISO 14001 certification for all functions and all of our production facilities, where our efforts have achieved significant reductions in the use of resources as well as minimized performance levels in the use of chemicals, emissions to air and water and waste management.

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